Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another Side to Justin Allgaier

Almost everyone knows Justin Allgaier as the 24-year-old, Nationwide Series driver of Turner Motorsports' No. 31 Brandt Chevrolet. Most of you would be very surprised to find out that he sketches in his spare time, as a diversion from the stress of the racing world. Justin is very personal and lets very few people see his portfolio, but he opened up to NASCAR Illustrated about his hidden talent.

Allgaier, who won his first Nationwide Series race in March at Bristol, said, *"Winning a race, there's satisfaction in that because you know that you were the best of the day. But whenever I draw something, probably nine times out of ten, I absolutely hate it." Justin, don't be so hard on yourself!

Justin has designed a helmet for Scott Speed, the hauler art, crew shirts and logo for his dad's ARCA team. Talk about a hidden talent!

*quote taken from NASCAR Illustrated article*

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  1. it's really great to see the side of a NASCAR driver that fans most likely would never see. Hearing Justin Alllgaier open up to NASCAR Illustrated about this unknown talent to the fans, it's pretty great. more drivers should do this!