Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Chase is About to Get Interesting...

I didn't think I was going to be blogging much about the Chase, but the past couple of weekends have been nothing but interesting for the Chase drivers.  Blown engines, crashes, penalties and revenge have been getting the best of the drivers.

The first Chase race at New Hampshire was a shock for everyone.  Clint Bowyer, who narrowly made it into the Chase, won.  During inspection, his car was off 1/60 of an inch, and was deemed illegal and was docked 150 Championship points.  He went from 12th in points, up to 2nd, then after he was docked the points, went back to 12th.  Next race of the Chase, Dover.  Jimmie Johnson, unfortunately took the points lead from Denny Hamlin.  Nothing else really major happened during this race.  Third race, Kansas.  It was a boring race until Kyle Busch accidentally tapped David Reutimann.  A while later, Reutimann decided that he was going to get back at Kyle and spin him out.  It wasn't Kyle's fault, but I personally think that what David Reutimann did was wrong because he pretty much took Kyle, a Chase contender, who had a very good chance at winning the title, out of the running for the Championship.  Greg Biffle, a Chase contender, won at Kansas for the first time since Pocono in August.  Now, for the last Chase race to date, Fontana.  Pretty much all of the Chase contenders had issues at some point of the day, except the dark horses of the Chase, Tony Stewart and Clint Bowyer.  Carl Edwards had to change a distributor, making him finish thirteen laps down,  Jeff Burton had bad pit stops, Kyle Busch's engine blew up, Kevin Harvick battled with the car all day, Denny had to go to the back of the pack for changing a transmission and Greg Biffle lost his engine on lap 40.  I think Clint could have easily won if NASCAR didn't call the last caution for debris (which they never showed us).

If this is how the next six races are going to go, we're not going to know who's going to win the Championship until the race at Homestead is over!

Point Standings:

  1. Jimmie Johnson --
  2. Denny Hamlin  -36
  3. Kevin Harvick  -54
  4. Jeff Gordon  -85
  5. Tony Stewart  -107
  6. Kurt Busch  -140
  7. Carl Edwards   -162
  8. Jeff Burton  -177
  9. Kyle Busch  -187
  10. Greg Biffle  -215
  11. Matt Kenseth   -241
  12. Clint Bowyer  -247

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