Thursday, December 23, 2010

2011 - Will there be more 'Boys Have at It' Moments?

   Will the 2011 season have more ‘Boys have at it’ moments than the 2010 season?

Rebekah – "Yes! There will be more of those moments because of the feuds that are already developed between some drivers, and I believe new feuds will develop during the season, which will increase the number of boys have at it moments.”
 David – “Bring back Donnie & Cale for "Daytona Donniebrook Part 2" To inaugurate the new pavement on the backstretch at Daytona.”
Janet – “yes, and they will be new feuds with different drivers"
Gina – “boys have at it in 2011!"
Cody – “Yes!  2011 will have way more feuds than 2010.”
Rob – “I say it'll probably tone down just a wee bit. It's in cycles. Cars that look sleek get boxy, then get sleek again the rules are loosened, get a bit tighter, and so forth. NASCAR, like with most things in life, have cycles.”
Corey“I think so--right up until someone gets hurt...”
Chris – “I think there will be a lot more feuds between drivers and team owners”
Denice – “Yes, I hope there will be!  It makes the race more fun to watch.”
Richard – “Yes, unless Pemberton goes back on his word and takes away the freedom he has given to the drivers to ‘have at it and have a good time.”  So unless he takes that back, there will be more bumpin’ and bangin’.”
Kyle – "we will see...Jimmie vs. Kurt, Jimmie vs. Kyle, Brad vs. Carl again, Logano vs. Harvick again, I think Harvick will get wrecked by all 3 Gibbs guys since he messed with all of them this year." 
Julie – “Definitely more. Brad vs. Carl Harvick vs. Hamlin and Logano and Kyle vs. everyone !

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