Sunday, December 5, 2010

Changes to the Chase

On January 21, 2011, NASCAR will announce changes to the Chase, what do you think they will be?

Maureen – “Scrap the whole thing, and award more points for winning.”
·         Kathy – “Possibly change the way points are obtained or how a contender gets into the chase. Will be interesting to see.”
·         Kyle – “15 man Elimination, or 15 man Chase and wins will be worth more.”
·         Nancy – “Chase back to 10 or better yet, ELIMINATE it all together!!!!!”
·         Cody – “I’ve heard it will be the Top 15 in the Chase.  That would be great if that was the case where people like McMurray, Reutimann, Truex and other folks have a shot to get in.”
·         Kyle – “Here is who I hope the Chase has in + the guys who will probably be there that I don’t like: I like: Gordon, Kyle Busch, Jeff Burton, Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart, Mark Martin, McMurray, Joey Logano and Denny Hamlin to make it.  Kurt, Carl and Jimmie will probably make it.”
·         Donna – “Well hopefully they don’t change it too much because it was good the way they have it and then it was good when the old points system was in use we would have seen a new champion crowned this past year and not JJ…”
·         Nancy – “Why 15! That’s a third of all the drivers who try to qualify to race?!?! May as well make the whole damn field eligible then!!!”
·         Mary – “Man, shows you how behind I am! I didn’t know a THING about a new Chase format and rules!! I’m looking forward to it! Can’t be worse than it already is!”
·         Samantha – “The chase format they have now is kinda dumb. They need more of an elimination like in football play-offs”
·         Denice – “I think they’re going to change it.  I think they’re going to change the amount of points you get for winning, leading a lap, etc.”
Patrick - "Doesn't matter. NASCAR will still go down the tubes no matter what Brian France does. The Chase is a colossal failure but BF is not man enough to admit it. He still doesn't get it. Time to scrap the Chase and go back to the old points system,under which JJ would not have been the only champion the past 5 years."

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