Thursday, December 30, 2010

Daytona 500 Picks

"Who will be the sleeper of the Daytona 500 and Who will win?" 
(Question submitted by Stephanie Piech)

Stephanie – “Sleeper will be Brian Vickers.   Winner: Denny or Joey (I hope).”

Chrystal – “Jeff Gordon Baby.”

Roger – “Stewart, he’s due a win there.”

Bill – “Jr. 88.”

Ron – “We will see how well Jeff does with Alan.  Mark’s farewell season will suck with Lance.”

Amira – “Kasey Kahne is gonna get the win, of course!”

Joe – “Hopefully Jeff Gordon, but possibly the blue deuce.  Wouldn’t mind the 48 either.  Just not the 11, 14, 18, 29.”

Stacy  - “Definitely Kasey Kahne.”

Kimberly – “Denny Hamlin.”

Shannon – “Jamie Mac.  Well, 48 isnt winning, because if he wins, NASCAR will just start losing fans.”

Stephanie – “Denny Hamlin all the way!”

Scorpian – “Jr Nation Baby!”

Thomas – “Matt Kenseth or Carl Edwards.”

Jennifer – “I think Dale Jr will win the Daytona 500 and the sleeper will be Bobby Labonte.”

Andy – “Watch out for anyone from the Roush-Fenway stable, they came on strong last year. Carl Edwards is my pick, with Kurt Busch in his new ride as a dark horse.”

Brandi – “Daytona is such a crap shoot, but my pick is Kurt Busch.”

Genevieve – “Jamie Mac, of course.”

Mark – “24.  What a way to start the drive for five.  See ya in Victory Lane, Jeff.”

Jo-Anne – “No doubt in my mind, Dale Jr.”

Marla – “There’s an easy one… Denny Hamlin of course.  11 in 11.  Fedex rocks.”

Leslie – “I am going with Dale Jr… and my sleeper is…the #33 Cheerios RCR Chevy…local boy…Clint Bowyer.”

Cody – “Clint Bowyer’s gonna win the Daytona 500. My Underdog pick would be Robby Gordon.”

Angel – Jeff Burton will win early!!! I believe after the frustrating year he had last year, this coming season will be him winning early and winning a lot!! He was so close too much; he will turn them almost into wins!!! GOOO JB!!!”

Chris – “Jeff 24.”

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  1. i agree with the person/people who said tony stewart