Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The 2011 'State of the Sport'

Finally, the day most NASCAR fans were waiting for... the announcement of what the new points system will be.  As a few speculated in the last week, the points will be awarded in one point increments.  For example, if you come in first, you receive forty-three points, come in second, you receive forty-two points, and so on, that way even if you finish forty-third, you still will get one point.  The total amount of points the drivers can receive in one race now is forty-eight, that's including points for leading laps and winning, because everything is worth one point.  

Qualifying for the 2011 Chase will also be slightly different.  It will still be a twelve car Race for the Chase, but only the Top 10 will be based on points, the other two, the eleventh and twelfth place cars, will be decided by wins during the first twenty-six races.  Hypothetical scenario: you have four wins (assuming you have the most wins out of everyone else that isn't in the Top 10) and are fifteenth in points, you will be one of the two non-Top 10 drivers to make the Chase.  When the first twenty-six races are over and the points reset, they will be reset to 2,000 and for every win you have you will receive three extra points.  

Last point he touched base on was the qualifying for the races.  The order in which they qualify will be based upon their practice runs.  The slowest in practice will go out first and the fastest will go out last for their qualifying runs.  The go-or-go-homers will be grouped together and will qualify separately.  In case of inclement weather, and qualifying is rained out, then the field will be set by practice speeds.  If the practices are rained out, then the field will be set by the point standings.  

As Brian France stated, "The level of competition has never been greater..."

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