Friday, March 4, 2011

Dumpert Racing

For this blog, we’re switching gears a little bit…instead of talking to an up-and-coming driver, we’re talking to an up-and-coming race team, Dumpert Racing, which is located in York, Nebraska, and the drivers of the team, Cory and Kyle Dumpert.

Cory started competing in the International Karting Federation in 1997, at the age of seven.  By 2000, he was crowned the International Karting Federation Grand National Champion and had claimed the titles of Nebraska Cornhusker Champion and Bellville High Banks Champion.

Kyle, Cory’s younger brother, started racing in the International Karting Federation in 2000, at the age of nine.  In 2003, Kyle, like his brother, was crowned the International Karting Federation Grand National Champion, earning the titles of Nebraska State Series Champion and Track Champion.  This was the first time in the International Karting Federation, that brothers have won the same title. 

After the brothers reached the highest achievement in go-kart racing, Clay Engleman of E & A Motorsports, realized the talent of these drivers.  He decided to start off their careers in Stock Car Racing.  Cory started in stock cars in 2008, in the class Hobby Stock, and earned multiple Top-Fives and three wins, earning him the title of Rookie of the Year.  Engleman realized Cory’s talent and moved him up to the NASCAR Stock Car division in 2009 and 2010, where he won many races.  In 2010, Kyle was crowned the Rookie of the Year in the NASCAR Street Stock division.  After their success, they were nicknamed the “Duffy Brothers” taking on the name of the prestige trophy in Go-Karts.  Carl Edwards and Jeff Gordon are two drivers that have won this trophy before moving up to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. 

During the 2012 Season, their sponsor is looking for them to move up to the ARCA/Remax Series and to Late Models because he can see they are ready for more challenges, but needs additional sponsorships.  Their ultimate goal is to get another set of brothers in NASCAR, much like Kurt and Kyle Busch, Michael and Darrell Waltrip, Kenny, Mike, and Rusty Wallace and Jeff and Ward Burton. 

If you are interested or know someone who would be interested in sponsoring these brothers, please contact Debbie, the team PR at deb677@yahoo.comBe sure to ‘like’ their Facebook Page… click here.  

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