Friday, May 20, 2011

Sam Ard: How You Can Help

You know when you suddenly think about a driver from a while ago and say, “I wonder what ever happened to him”? That’s what I’m here for.

Remember Sam Ard?  He was the 1983/1984 NASCAR Busch Series Champion.  In 1982, he finished second in the Busch Series Championship contention, after receiving seven poles, twenty top fives, twenty-three top tens and four wins.  When he won the Busch Series Championship in 1983, he won ten races that year, ten poles, twenty-three top fives and thirty top tens.  In 1984, he scored his second Busch Series Championship, winning eight races, seven poles, twenty-four top fives and twenty-seven top tens.  During the race at Rockingham in the 1984 Busch season, Ard was caught up in a terrible wreck and the injuries he obtained caused him to cut his career short; but didn’t end his career because he became an owner for Jimmy Hensley, Ed Berrier, and Jay Fogelman. 

Today, Sam Ard is battling a serious case of Alzheimer’s disease and his family is having trouble paying for his medical bills.  Many drivers have donated to this cause, the Sam Ard Care Fund, including Kevin Harvick and most recently, Kyle Busch.    If you are interested in helping Sam and his family, please check out the ways to contribute:

Samuel Ard Care Fund
Samuel Ard Care Fund
MRO, Smith Tower Suite 405
555 Parkway South,
Concord, NC, 28027

1237 Bass Road
Pamlico, SC, 29583

If you are seriously considering contributing, they like Wal Mart gift cards since they can use them for food, clothing, and laundry for Sam.  They will greatly appreciate every donation they get!

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  1. you were my favorite tough as nails . You reminded me of Bobby Allison which is a HUGE compliment. you will always be remembered for being humble & tough.