Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garett Goodwin

I’ve recently had the privilege of interviewing Garett Goodwin, who at sixteen, boasts an impressive racing resume`.  If you follow the ASA Midwest Truck Tour, you know who he is; if you don’t, sit back and enjoy an interview with an extremely talented up-and-coming driver. 

Credit to Garett Goodwin
Tell us about yourself and your racing career?
 I am 16 years old and a junior at Bridgman High School in Bridgman, MI, but I currently live in Three Oaks, MI. This is my 10th year in racing and I am loving every minute of it. I started racing in 2002, racing Go-Karts for four years. I have always wanted to race, so when a Go-Kart shop opened in our town, we went over to take a look at them. I took out money in my savings account to pay for my first kart. After Karts, I moved up to the Super Cup Cars and raced them for three years. I started racing a Legends Car in 2008 while I was in my last year in the Super Cup. I am now in the ASA Midwest Truck Tour. In my 10 years of racing, I have accomplished five championships (1-Super Cup, 4-Legends Car) including my Michigan State Championship Title in the INEX Legends and 40 Feature Wins.
 What was your inspiration to start racing?
Since I was born, I have always watched NASCAR. I started driving when I was 2 years old with little power wheels cars. I have just always had the urge to race. I love the speeds and the horsepower of cars.

What is the hardest part of racing for you? 
The hardest part of racing for me is racing against all the race teams that have thousands of dollars and a full five man crew to help them. We are a low-budget team and just hardly get by. It is difficult to find sponsors due to the economy these days.

Credit to Garett Goodwin

Would you like to move up to a NASCAR series one day?
I would love to race in NASCAR one day. It has always been my dream to race for a living. If I could, I would race 24/7.

Do you model your career after any current NASCAR driver?
I don't really model my career on a specific driver. With every driver being different, you kind of have to set your own goals to what you want out of your career and how far you want to go in racing. I have always idolized Dale Earnhardt, Sr., since I was a little kid watching the black #3 race to the front.

How difficult is it adjusting from one series to another? 
It all depends on what vehicle your trying to adjust to and also on where you race it at. It can be difficult at times to adjust due to different horsepower and wheelbase. It’s been a little difficult for me adjusting from the Legends Car to the Truck. The Truck has more horsepower and a longer wheelbase as well as being in a full-body race car. Trying to get used to all the different things from switching to the Truck from the Legends and also running different tracks that I am new to can be difficult as well.

Now for the question many fans wonder about.  Supposedly the only thing on a driver’s mind is winning, is this true for you? 
No, winning is not the only thing on my mind. You have to finish the race first to be able to win the race. I agree, winning is great, but it's not everything. With being a low-budget race team, you learn how to save your car and think ahead during the long run for the championship. Winning doesn't always win championships, consistency wins championships.

In the future, everyone should keep an eye out for Garett.  I don’t think this is going to be the last time we hear from him.  Who knows, maybe one day he’ll be racing in the Cup Series and I’ll be reporting from Pit Road before the race!  I would like to thank Garett for taking the time to answer these questions and wish him all the best in his racing career. 
Credit to Garett Goodwin

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