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Tips to Meet NASCAR Drivers

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In how many other sports are the athletes so accessible before a big event?  The answer is not many.  For us NASCAR fans, the drivers are extremely accessible on race day.  Whether it’s to see their favorite driver to get a picture, say “hello,” “good luck,” or to get an autograph, most of the drivers are more than willing to accommodate their fans.  Then there are the fans that are super loyal to their driver and if another driver did something to them, they want to give them a piece of their mind (not suggested). 

So the question is, how do you meet drivers – whether on race day or on an off day? Here’s a list of the top-five ways to meet the drivers… 

Pit passes – It seems like one of the most obvious ways because it is.  Not only can you meet drivers, you can meet the people who aren’t recognized as much as they should be, the crew.  Pit passes aren’t available at all tracks, but the tracks they are available at, you can purchase either at the track or online at the track’s website.

Autograph session (Appearances) – This is probably the most obvious way to meet a driver, up close and personal.  They’re more than willing to take pictures, sign autographs and even have a little chat with you (if time is permitting).  Dates and times for meet and greets are either posted on the driver/team’s website or on the website of the track.

Visit their shop – An uncertain way to meet a driver – unless you know what days they’ll be at the shop.  If you do, by all means, be polite, stop them and ask for an autograph.

Q&A session – Not the best way to get a picture with, or autograph of the driver, but a guaranteed way to see them in person. 

Keep your eyes open – The most uncertain way to meet a driver, but if you don’t have a pit pass, don’t know what day they’re going to be at the shop, and aren’t sure when there’s a Q & A or autograph session, by all means, this is the best way for you to see a driver.  Some drivers are just walking around, more than happy to sign autographs or take pictures with fans.   

Now that you know these tips, ever wonder what a NASCAR driver’s tips to meet them are? Well, you’re in luck.  Today, Jeff Gordon posted on Twitter his top ten ways to meet a driver. 

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  • Stay calm at all times and be patient. Wait for your moment then move in fast! 
  • Those that work it best know when and where their favorite driver is at all times. Stay close to one of these folks. 
  • Do NOT ask for an autograph while in the bathroom! (I’m wondering if he’s speaking from personal experience here) Or, if driver is in a serious talk with the crew chief. Car may need some work! 
  • Don't 'ask' if you can have an autograph. This is no time to be over-polite. Driver's time is valuable at the track. 
  • Learn to walk backwards or have a good spotter! Drivers are always on the move. 
  • If you do get close to driver be persistent. Seize the moment and ask for forgiveness later! 
  • Stand near the entrance to garage area and hold up a really big sign showing your loyalty.
  • If you know any VIP's ask for a Pit Pass. 
  • Or, if you know any VIP's get invite to drivers meeting. 
  • Get to the track early. Race day is almost impossible. 

Hopefully mine and Jeff’s tips are helpful!

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