Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hendrick Motorsports SuperFan Contest

Are you a Hendrick Motorsports SuperFan?  Would you absolutely love to visit Hendrick 
Credit to Bosch Auto Parts 
Motorsports and go to the October 15th Charlotte race?  Well you’ve stumbled upon the right article!  By now you’re probably wondering, “How do I enter? I want to win!”  To enter the SuperFan Showdown, all you have to do is record a video, proving you’re the biggest, craziest, and most passionate Hendrick SuperFan.  You can record and edit your video, or you can simply record your entry on the Bosch Auto Parts Facebook page (link at bottom of article) as long as you have a webcam. 

All videos must be submitted on the Facebook page by September 17th; the ten day voting begins on September 18th.   You’re allowed to vote up to five times a day, and the winner will be chosen from the top five with the most votes – which means tell everyone you know to vote for you!

Credit to HendrickMotorsports.com
You’re still wondering, “What exactly do I win…if I win?”  You win a tour of the Hendrick Motorsports Headquarters, a meet and greet with a Hendrick Motorsports driver, a VIP pass – which includes a garage and hauler tour – and the opportunity to watch the October 15, 2011 race in Charlotte for you and a guest.  Sounds like a pretty awesome prize, no?

To submit a video, or to read more about the contest, go to the Bosch Auto Parts  SuperFan Showdown Facebook page click here.

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