Tuesday, October 25, 2011

If You Mess with NASCAR, You'll Get Punished

Today penalties were handed out to the No. 00, No. 47, and No. 56 Sprint Cup Series teams for a NASCAR rule violation on October 21, 2011 upon the arrival at Talladega.

Credit to Catchfence.com
The violation?  Rule 20-3.2.1A. You're now sitting there thinking, "Oh yeah, rule 20-3.2.1A; I know what that means," right?  (You now think I'm crazy - I'm not really, just trying to be somewhat facetious for my lack of articles lately.)  Rule 20-3.2.1A is "the unapproved modification to an approved windshield,"  as stated in the ever-mysterious, NASCAR Rule Book.   

Crew chiefs, Ronny Childers, for the No. 00, Frank Kerr for the No. 47, and Chad Johnston for the No. 56, have all been fined fifty thousand dollars, and have been suspended from the last four races of the season.  The car chiefs:  Steve Channing for the No. 00, Raymond Fox for the No. 47, and Anthony Lunders for the No. 56 have also been suspended from the last four races.  Finally, Bobby Kennedy, the executive Vice President of Race Operations (cool title to have, right?) at Michael Waltrip Racing has been put on probation until December 31, 2011.  

Unfortunately, there was one more penalty,  car owners:  Rick Kauffman, Tad Geschickter, and Michael Waltrip have each been fined twenty-five Championship driver points.  Now that's where the penalties end.  

There will be interim car chiefs and crew chiefs for the final four races, Martin Truex, Jr. will have Pat Tryson, David Reutimann will have Bobby Kennedy, and Bobby Labonte will have Brian Burns.  


  1. the new crew chiefs have been announced. Martin Truex jr will have his old crew chief Pat Tryson.
    And for David Reutimann will be Steve Channing. As for bobby i dont know who his crew chief will be.

  2. thank you - I just saw an article where they were announced.