Monday, October 31, 2011

NASCAR: Behind the Scenes

Credit to NASCAR

You’re sitting in the stands at your favorite track, the pack of cars is flying by, when all of sudden you see a car swerve and the next second there’s smoke.  You then see that same car, smoking, front end crunched, stopped against the wall, debris sprinkled across the track. Finally, you see the famous yellow lights flashing.  A scene with which we’re all familiar…a caution.
How many times do we see this and then patiently wait for the NASCAR clean-up crew to clean the wreck up?  Whether it was just a piece of debris, or the whole car, they are responsible for cleaning up the track and making sure it is perfectly safe for the cars to get back to racing.
That’s what this NASCAR: Behind the Scenes is about; the clean-up crews.

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