Saturday, October 15, 2011

Racing for Marrissa

Everyone wants to make a difference in someone's life, but few ever get the chance.  Many of you remember Marrissa Bishop, one of Brad Keselowski's biggest fans, who is an extremely strong-willed eleven-year-old girl, who has Acromegaly.  She wanted to have her name on a car and that's what is being accomplished next weekend at Talladega for the Truck race.  Marrissa and many other Twitter [and non-Twitter] people will get their name on Mike Harmon's Truck.  To read more about Marrissa and Mike, click here.

My bracelet from Marrissa
To help pay for her extensive medical bills, Marrissa decided to start making jewelry and selling it on Mike Harmon's website.  The jewelry is extremely nice and you know it's made with a lot of heart.  If you are interested in purchasing some jewelry, check out to see the collection of the jewelry.   Remember, any donation that you could make to this cause will be appreciated and useful!

I have my jewelry to help this cause, will you do the same?

Be sure to follow Marrissa on Twitter if you have a Twitter account!

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