Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Inside Track with Hunter Smith

Life in high school is anything but stress-free; you virtually have to pick whether you want good grades or a social life.  This isn’t the case for Hunter Smith.  Hunter, a New Jersey native, manages school, a social life, and racing.

Currently racing full-time at Hamlin Speedway in Pennsylvania in a Tobias slingshot in the All Star Slingshot Division, the 2012 season will mark Hunter's fourth full season in racing.  When asked about the 2012 season, "Next season I'm hoping to run the complete schedule in the All Star Slingshot National Tour."  

Like I said earlier, balancing school and racing and having a life all at the same time, certainly isn't a piece of cake.  Hunter's learned time management.  "It's not too bad.  I make time to do schoolwork and to work on the car."

When you think about great drivers, what comes to mind?  The number of championships they have?  How many races they've won?  Not for Hunter, "A great driver is someone who is great with people and meeting them.  They talk to everyone and are respectful to everyone around them - including fans."

"My major goal is to race in one of NASCAR's top series, in the World of Outlaws Series, or in the IndyCar Series."  "I love the adrenaline rush," when speaking about his favorite part of racing, "you start to feel invincible [even though you aren't].  I also like how no other sport has the same camaraderie.  If you need a part, someone's always willing to give you one of their spares.  It's truly a great sport."  

"I like Snydersville (in Pennsylvania), Bristol, and Martinsville because they're short-tracks so their fun and action-packed."

The last question I always ask is the one I've received the biggest variety of answers for, "What driver, if any, do you most model your career after?"  Answers have ranged from Mark Martin to Jeff Gordon to none at all.  Hunter said, "I'm trying to make a name for myself; I do certain things from certain drivers.  I always take my sunglasses off out of respect for the reporter like Carl Edwards does and I never turn down an autograph like Richard Petty."   

We wish Hunter the best of luck in all of his future racing endeavors and would like to once again say thank you for taking the time yesterday to do the phone interview.

Be sure to "Like" Hunter on Facebook Hunter Smith, follow him on Twitter @HunterSmith7H and check out his website www.huntersmithracing.webs.com.  

All photos are credit to Hunter Smith


  1. I love how you do articles on up and coming drivers. Its really nice learning about the future stars of NASCAR. It's amazing how much success you blog has had in just a little over a year. I've been reading your blog since last september! And i plan to keep reading, i hope for you all the best. You seem like a nice young lady and you certainly have a future in NASCAR broadcasting and i pray that for. Keep up the excellent work! Im am most defiantly a big fan of your.

  2. Wow i messed up badly on that. haha #fasttyper