Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jason Leffler "Caption This"

Comment the number of your favorite caption from the following list for this picture of Jason Leffler below.
  1. "My shoes leak, now my feet are soaked" - Anonymous
  2. "These shoes are made for drivin', not walkin' in the of these days these shoes are gonna help me drive all over you." - Melody Grantham
  3. "Hey, I can step on my own face and it won't hurt." - Lisa Benge
  4. "Dancing in the pits." - Steve Cantley
  5. "You put your right foot in, and you shake it all about!" - Fraser Royal
  6. "Singing in the rain!" - Amy Heulitt
  7. "Do I step with my right foot now?" - Tristain Cooke
  8. "Some people say I have ADD, they just don't underst...look a puddle!!!" - Andrew Rhone
  9. "Where did the gas pedal go? There's something missing underneath this foot. Hmmm...feels weird without it there.." - Ray Richer
  10. "I'm just singing in the rain with my peeertty pink shoes." - Rob Rippon
  11. "Singing in the rain! I'm singing in the rain! What a glorious feeling..." - Brenna Sherlock
  12. "I just can't help myself! If I see a puddle, I just gotta step in it and make a splash!" - Brenda Abercrombie
  13. "Yes! Here comes Jimmie..." - Patty Campbell