Wednesday, December 7, 2011

College Complete will Help You Land a Job in NASCAR

Credit to College Complete
Saturday night, October 15, Charlotte Motor Speedway. The Cup championship still a very real possibility for fan favorite Jimmie Johnson, one small mistake sends the No. 48 Lowes Chevrolet crashing into wall on Turn 2. The caution comes out and the fans hold their breath, unsure yet as to the fate of one of the sport's true heroes. As the smoke billowed from the mangled engine and various unidentifiable liquids poured down the asphalt, the stench of burning rubber permeating the air, everyone anxiously waits for the traditional signal that all is well - the thumbs up from the driver. Although the horrific accident did end this year's Chase for Jimmie Johnson, he walked away from the crash for the most part unscathed, and headed back to the medical center for the mandatory NASCAR evaluation.

Fifteen minutes later, the remains of Jimmie's car is gone, back in the garage to be loaded onto the hauler. The track is once again free of rubber, debris, oil, and gas, and the green flag waves in the air - we're racing! Jimmie, himself, has been evaluated, cleared, and released, eager to compete again in next week's competition. All of this a byproduct of the hard work and dedication of some of the most overlooked and underappreciated participants in our sport: the fire safety professionals, the medical teams, and, of course, the clean-up crews.

Rarely seen on camera yet ever-present on the track, these teams are as much a part of NASCAR as the drivers, themselves. Their jobs are difficult, their training is extensive, and the roles they play at each and every race ensuring the safety of the drivers and fans is crucial to the success of the sport. And crucial to the success of these teams, the source of their specialized training, is a myriad of college degrees, trade certifications, and hard work.

For those of you who love this sport as much as I do, nothing could be better than earning a living in NASCAR. Unfortunately, most of us are not Jimmie Johnsons, so the prospects of us driving a Cup car to a checkered flag finish are probably pretty slim.

And that's where NASCAR Camping World Truck Series sponsor College Complete can help!

If your goal is to find a career working in one of the hundreds of supporting roles in NASCAR, College Complete can help you figure out how to get started on the education and training required to make it happen. Their service is 100% free, and they can help you wade through the thousands of educational opportunities that are out there, narrowing down what schools and what programs are best suited to move you down your chosen path. 

To speak with one of their Education Advocates, call 877-543-2655 or go to A 15 minute conversation with College Complete could be the start of a long professional future within the sport you love!

This article is part of a series that highlights the many career opportunities available within NASCAR, for those of us who don't have the talent of No. 48!


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