Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fan of the Month: Angela Schilling

NASCAR fans live all over the world and are some of the most dedicated people I have ever met; that's why I've started this series of articles, to highlight some of the sport's most dedicated fans.

Angela at Daytona
Credit: Angela Schilling 
This week I've had the opportunity to interview Angela Schilling from Staunton, Illinois.  You're probably wondering why she was chosen to be this month's fan, well, sit back and read about one of your fellow NASCAR fans. 

Angela is a major NASCAR fan and has been one for sixteen years, "I started watching it every weekend after seeing the 1998 Daytona 500."  She became a fan after seeing Dale Earnhardt, Sr. win the Daytona 500 after twenty years of fruitlessly trying. 

I would classify her as an "Extreme NASCAR Fan" because she has a No. 3 tattoo for Dale Earnhardt, Sr., and she also runs a Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Facebook group where she posts current news of NASCAR and Dale Jr.

Angela's favorite part about NASCAR is, "The speed and roar of the engines."  What NASCAR fan can honestly say that they don't love that?  The Sprint Cup Series is her favorite series because she likes the competitiveness and the amount of talent that each driver possesses. 

Her favorite current driver?  None other than the winner of the Most Popular Driver award for the past nine years, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., "I am a diehard fan of his."  Her all-time favorite is Dale Earnhardt, Sr., "He was and always will be the best."  Angela also likes Kevin Harvick for his unique attitude!

Angela usually attends only one race a year and that's Daytona - but she attends quite a few races at local tracks and has met many drivers (twenty-two and counting).  Her favorite track is Talladega - or as she likes to call it, Earnhardt Country. 

My favorite question is one that requires a little bit of imagination, "If you could have one race that's completely paid for that you could attend, which one would it be?"  Angela answered with, "It would have to be Talladega.  I'm hoping to go there next year for my honeymoon." 

I just wanted to say thank you to Angela for answering these questions and wish her the best of luck with her upcoming wedding!


  1. Congratulations Angela! That really COOOOOOOOOOL !!

  2. That's really coool honey! :) I now can say that I have a fiancee that has been published and now everyone can be jealous of me. :)

    Love you Baby!

  3. Also you look Damn sexy in that pic. :)

  4. Angela Congratulations!!!! that is awesome,