Friday, March 2, 2012

Penske Goes Back to Ford in 2013

On Thursday, March 1, it was announced that Penske Racing is going back to Ford starting in 2013.  This will be the first time that Ford and Penske work together since 2002, after Ford was the manufacturer for Penske from 1994 to 2002. 

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As many of you know, Penske Racing was the only team to still have Dodge as a manufacturer, but after this season, Dodge will probably not be back in the Sprint Cup Series next year unless another team switches manufacturers.  This announcement comes just a few weeks before Dodge was going to unveil the 2013 Dodge Charger race car design at Las Vegas.  Penske's ten-year contract with Dodge will expire after the 2012 season. 

Roger Penske's decision to go back to Ford was one he felt needed to be done.  After winning sixty-eight races in the Sprint Cup Series since 1972 and never being able to win a Sprint Cup Series Championship, Penske believes that this move to Ford will be his best chance at winning a Championship in NASCAR's top series.  Next year, Penske will have two Sprint Cup Series teams and two Nationwide Series teams. 

Credit: Ford
Penske is very happy about this move and says that his decision was not based on money.  "Let me say this, this wasn't about money, and I want to make that clear," Penske said. "I think that we evaluated, when you look at the strengths of the teams in NASCAR, the multiple-car teams, the success that Stewart-Haas had, the alignment with Hendrick, also with Gibbs and Waltrip and the teams that were out there ... we've been operating pretty much for the last 10 years with some support ... but we needed to have a benchmark. And I think having that additional technical information flow through the process, as Ford has outlined it to us, I think was very important to us."

* Quote from Roger Penske *

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