Monday, July 9, 2012

Sam Hornish, Jr. Filling in for Allmendinger

Credit: Ashley Schindler 

Penske Racing announced early this morning that Sam Hornish, Jr., who will also be racing in the Nationwide  Series at New Hampshire for Penske Racing, will be replacing AJ Allmendinger this weekend, since Allmendinger is currently suspended due to the failure of a random drug test given to him at Kentucky. 
NASCAR has not stated what type of drug caused the sample "A" test to return positive; AJ has opted to have his sample "B" tested, just in case the sample "A" gave a false positive.  If it was a false positive, Allmendinger could be cleared to race again once the issue is resolved.  If sample "B" also comes back positive later this week, NASCAR will make Allmendinger's suspension permanent.
Allmendinger hasn’t released a statement on the issue yet, but team owner, Roger Penske has, "You know it's a disappointment at this particular time, but we're going to wait and see what the second test results are before we make any comment or decisions. I don't think it's fair to him." 
Just like Roger Penske, everyone should wait before passing judgment on AJ.    

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  1. Thanks for the information Ashley. I appreciate your advice to wait before passing judgement. As a Northern California racing fan, I sure hope there was some type of mixup and that AJ does not have a drug problem.