Sunday, September 30, 2012

The K&N Pro Series Tries to Conquer the Monster Mile

After two years of asking to go to the K&N East race at Dover International Speedway, I finally got to go this past Friday for the American Real TV 150 - and trust me, I was extremely happy that I went!

Leaving my house at 6:19 (I know, I pay way too much attention to detail) in the morning, my dad and I arrived at the Monster Mile at around 9:30, a half hour before the gates opened.  I took that valuable half hour and filmed a part of my video blog (the link for the finished video will be posted at the end).  Honestly, filming a video blog at the track is one of the coolest feelings ever; even though fighting the music playing wasn't too fun.   Once I was finished filming the opening segment, we headed into the stands to watch some of qualifying; and when I say I stood near the fence, I mean, I stood near the fence:  (A) I could look into the car and see the driver as they drove past and (B) I think I went deaf.  When qualifying was all said and done, Darrell Wallace, Jr. won the 21 Means 21 Coors Light Pole Award. 

If you've been a follower of this blog for a while, you've come to learn one very important fact about me:  I love food.  I also love Grotto Pizza, so being at Dover was a win-win in that respect.  After we finished watching qualifying, my dad and I headed over to Grotto Pizza (one of the main reasons I love going to Dover) to get a pizza.  Once we finished the pizza, it was noon, and since I wanted to go to the K&N East autograph signing and there was already a line, we got on line.  It seemed like it was a million degrees and I was tired, so I took a seat on the ground and waited there for the autograph session to start.  Big props to the drivers for getting there a half hour early; most Truck Series drivers are late to their meet and greets - and yes, I have one driver in mind. 

After meeting all twenty-six drivers, yes, you read that correctly, twenty-six…there were only two drivers that weren't able to make it due to Nationwide practice - Ryan Blaney and Darrell Wallace, Jr.  It's crazy to think that I was around the same age the majority of the drivers in the race…is that even normal?  I digress.  My dad went to go take pictures, so I stood there awkwardly drinking my lemonade and scrolling through my twitter feed when one of my NASCAR friends and NASCAR Corner followers, Randall, recognized me and came over to say hello.  Earlier in the week, I posted on the blog that I was going to give away two tickets to the Nationwide race since we couldn't use them, and whoever found me first would get the tickets.  Luckily for Randall, he was the first person to find me and he was the winner of the two tickets. 

At 4:30 the race started and when I say it was an exciting race, it was an exciting race.  Within the first 75 laps, there were SEVEN cautions and, thankfully, no one was hurt.  The best part of the race?  The last few laps.  On lap 147, Corey LaJoie and Brandon McReynolds got together battling for the lead; McReynolds got into the back of the No. 07 of LaJoie, pulling off the majority of the bumper cover.  The bumper cover was left hanging by a thread and if LaJoie didn't either (A) get it off of the car himself or (B) pit to get it taken off, he would have been black-flagged and would have lost the race.  Thankfully for Corey, the No. 46 of Brandon Gdovic, who was the free-pass, was able to hit the bumper cover, knocking it off, allowing LaJoie to keep his lead, and getting the "Monster" win.  See what I did there? 

This was Corey's fourth win of the season, all of these wins coming in the last eight races.  The American Real TV 150 win propelled LaJoie to the second place in the points standings - one point behind Kyle Larson.  Brett Moffitt, who was the points leader going into Dover, fell to the third position in the points standings after having to change a battery during the race. 

If you're interested in watching this exciting race, tune into the SPEED Channel this Thursday, October 4, at 3:00 p.m. ET. 

Finally, my latest video blog, featuring qualifying, practice, drivers, pictures, and everything else is below. 

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