Sunday, June 30, 2013

Putting My Dreams into Motion

June seventh was one of those days that I'll always remember.  The morning of, I was a bundle of nerves, not for any other reason except for the fact that I was afraid I was going to trip while getting my diploma.  The only emotion I had pulsing through my veins was excitement; excitement for what was to come.  I didn't care that it was raining so hard that I was pretty sure that we were having a monsoon, I had my eye on the prize - graduating and moving on with my life. 

When  I got to high school, I absolutely hated it, I missed my elementary school friends and
wanted nothing more than to go back and stay with them, but as the days and weeks passed, I realized that you can't go back, no matter how much you want to, because life moves on.  As the four years passed at a painstakingly slow pace, I kept my future in sight as my motivation to do well.  I kept my grades up and maintained honor roll because that was what was going to get me into the college of my dreams, High Point University.  As I walked across the stage in front of my family and friends, grabbing my diploma, I felt a surge of happiness, not because I hated high school, because by senior year, I wouldn't have traded my experiences for the world, but because I knew that it was my ticket to bigger and better things. 

I remember the first time I heard about High Point University, I was sitting on my couch watching a NASCAR show, and there was a piece on Austin Dillon and attending High Point.  Me, being the ever-so-curious girl that I am, went to look the school up.  Being only a freshman in high school, I added it to my list of colleges to go and visit once I saw how absolutely gorgeous it was.  Fast forward a year and a half to that sunny August day.  Pulling into the parking lot, it was pretty much love at first sight.  What sixteen-year-old doesn't want to see their name in lights on a sign?  Because I sure did!  I was amazed at the facilities and how friendly and helpful the staff was.  By the time I got back into my car to go to the next school, my mind was already made up - it was the first college I visited and wanted it to be the last - that was where I wanted to spend my college years.

Applying for college was the most stressful thing I've ever done; one wrong click and you messed up the entire application.  I read and re-read my High Point application a good twenty times (the sad part is, that's not an exaggerated number) before I had the guts to send it in.  Once I clicked the little purple submit button, I grabbed a pillow and started to panic because I was sure that I messed something up and wouldn't be accepted.  My lovely mother decided to tweet Austin: "@AustinDillon3: @Nascarchick_3 just applied to HPU!!" to which he replied, "She's going to love it!"  Only problem was I wasn't accepted yet, but I let it slide and continued to panic about my application. 

Two months later, the moment of truth came.  Every day I would ask my mom if any mail came for me and the answer was always no.  It was a Friday when my mom picked me up from school and she told me that there was no mail; yet another day of waiting for my beloved letter - or the letter that would ruin my life.  I complained all the way to my grandma's house that I was never going to get the letter, but when I walked into the door and started complaining, my mom handed me a giant purple envelope that said "Congratulations" written across the front.  It turns out that my letter had gone to my grandma's house because that's where we were living right after Hurricane Sandy.  Elated wasn't even the word to describe how I was feeling. 

Now, on June 30, with forty-eight days until I become an official North Carolina resident, I'm extremely excited for what the future holds.  I can't wait to put my dreams into motion - officially, that is.  Now as a Communications major with a track in Broadcast Journalism, I can start using the television studio and radio station on campus which will allow me to build up my confidence in front of the camera, leading me to become a great NASCAR reporter.  Of course there's an air of uncertainty, but I'm excited to share my new journey with you all!


  1. Keep the long term goal in mind when it's tough to get up for classes the next 4 plus years!! #MakeItHappen #KeepDigging

  2. Keep the long term goals (dreams) in mind on those mornings when it's hard to get up to go to classes over the next 4 plus years!! #KeepDigging #MakeItHappen

  3. I believe in you, because I have been impressed by your last 4 years. I believe in you, because I know you have what it takes to make the most of the next 4 years in your great journey. Congratulations Graduate!