Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life is Just a Race

At this moment in time, I'm comparing my life to a race.  It seems a little far-fetched, but after thinking about all the similarities, it doesn’t seem so crazy; well it may to anyone reading this, but to me, in my twisted mind, it makes perfect sense. 

If you look around Pit Road before the start of a race, you’ll see drivers all over – some with headphones in their ears blocking out everything going on, trying to focus; some on their phones, most likely answering a text message from someone wishing them good luck; there are some that are perfectly calm, cool, and collected and talk and joke around with the other drivers; and then there are those drivers that are visibly nervous about the race for whatever reason they might have.  Guess which category I would place myself in right now.  Have you guessed?  If you picked the ‘visibly nervous driver’ category, you’re right.  “College will be the best four years of your life” and undoubtedly so, but that still doesn’t ease my nerves.  I’m moving ten hours away from my family and friends and I’m afraid of failure, so that doesn’t help, but I know it’ll all be worth it in the end. 

The Start/Finish line of my life would probably be August 17 and the day I graduate from High Point University.  The starting line will of course be my first day there – move in day.  This will initiate my college years and the race of the four years that will follow.  The finish line will be the day I graduate because I’ll have completed my task at hand and will have successfully finished my “race.”

Each day will be a lap – you don’t know what life is going to throw at you.  Those little lovely gifts that life does throw at you could be classified as a debris caution, mainly because it’s nothing major and the race will continue on like nothing happened.  If a debris caution is thrown into the mix, you have to go to Pit Road, get your car fixed, and keep going if you want to gain points.  To me, that means you have to forget what happened, or learn from it, and keep going to reach the end goal. 

An internship is like a win in the sense that it’s a taste of what’s to come and the end result.  By getting an internship, you’re gaining valuable knowledge in the field that you want to end up in, but for me, this is where the NASCAR analogy actually fits perfectly.  I’m hoping by sophomore year I’ll be able to get an internship with something associated with NASCAR – whether it’s a team, a sponsor, or SPEED TV/FOX Sports (preferably). 

Finally, graduating will be like winning the championship.  Instead of working hard to win races all year, I’ll work hard for four years taking various Communication classes to receive my Journalism/Broadcast Journalism degree, which, hopefully, will get me the job of my dreams.

I look forward to sharing my college journey with all of you – after all, the majority of you did go through three years of high school with me.   Thank you again for your continued support! 

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  1. Went through the same thing you are about to just a few years ago...some days are great and some days you'll just want to pack up and move back home. The most important thing I learned was to just be yourself and you'll be just fine. Best feeling in the world is walking across the stage at graduation knowing that you did it. Best of luck Ashley!