Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Long Time No Talk

I’m one of those people that strongly dislikes making promises that I can’t keep, but unfortunately, that’s been the case lately.  I promised back in September that I would be writing more, but that obviously hasn’t happened – I’m not going to sugar coat anything, I’ll tell you the truth.  For starters, at the beginning of last month, I fell off a step stool in a classic Ashley manner and dislocated my patella, so I’ve had a brace on my leg and now I’m going to physical therapy to get it back into shape, but that’s not the whole reason I haven’t written anything. 

Over the past few months, I’ve been doing some soul searching and exploring other possible career avenues, which explains not posting anything, fearing that the articles wouldn’t be up to my standards.  After two months of hardcore debating, there’s nothing else I would rather be doing for the rest of my life than reporting the NASCAR news; it’s what makes me happy and I never want to give that up.  When I posted an article and people would comment, telling me that they really enjoyed it, it would bring a smile to my face and I just needed to be reminded of that.  I think these past two months were greatly needed for me to re-evaluate a lot of things and I’m ready to start writing again.  I’ll also be starting my video blogs back up, which I had a lot of fun doing. 

Thank you for bearing with me while I took this much-needed break.  This time, I promise that The NASCAR Corner will be back up to it’s standards and will once again be a reliable source for the NASCAR news and interviews. 

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  1. This is good news Ashley! It's always nice to get your perspective on what's going on in Nascar. Keep up the good work, you definitely have the talent.