Monday, September 27, 2010

Michael Waltrip Makes a Huge Mistake

Okay, so I'm writing this, infuriated! As you may, or may not know, today Trevor Bayne was released from the #99 Diamond Waltrip Racing Nationwide car, which Martin Truex, Jr. will  be driving at Kansas. Saturday at Dover, Trevor started eighth and finished sixth, which was his tenth career top-ten. He was able to rebound from a low of fifteenth back up to ninth within about five laps! That's pretty impressive! He is also 7th in points.

Saturday morning at Dover, Diamond Waltrip Racing told the media that they were unsure of who they were going to be putting in the car next week at Kansas. **When interviewed, Trevor said, "I wish I could see into the future -- that would be a sense I'd love to have," Bayne said, "Right now, I don't know [what's next] and that's the honest truth. We've sat back and there are a lot of things to be thought about -- from their side and from my side. You've got to do what makes business sense and I understand that from their company. With whatever happens, I don't take it personal. It's unfortunate if it doesn't continue -- I'd love to see it continue, but who knows what's going to happen in this next week [because] I think that's when the certain answer will come out." Trevor also said that one of the major issues is sponsorship, not performance.  I want to know how they can kick him out of the car for lack of sponsorship, yet they can put Truex in the car.

All I want to know is how they can do this to Trevor now with only a few races to go. I met him on Saturday and he is one of the most personable, sweet, honest people I have ever met and doesn't deserve this! If you take out all of the Cup drivers that were in Saturday's race, Trevor would have won, and this wouldn't have been the first time either.

I personally think that either Kevin Harvick Incorporated or Richard Childress Racing should pick up Trevor for next year. Jack Roush has expressed interest in Trevor for next year. Let's just hope he can get a ride!

Diamond Waltrip Racing, you will be kicking yourselves when Trevor Bayne is the next Kyle Busch!

** quote from article


  1. lmfaooooooo<3 i love youu :D
    you should know who this is....

  2. I can't believe this! I was so crushed when I heard this! I hope he finds another team!

  3. hi meaghan!

    So do I! RCR doesn't always have Clint in the #21 Nationwide car, so maybe they could pick him up!

  4. Very good insight... it's BULLCRAP, but I know it's Michael's loss. Trevor will make it very soon.

  5. What you people don't know is that he was offered a 18 race deal next year with MWR and he turned it down. From what I heard his dad was a pain in the ARSE and was part of Trevor's down fall at MWR. I think they wanted more money but instead got the boot!! I wish Trevor the best he has got great talent and a very good kid.

  6. oh okay! thank you for telling me! I'm sure he will get a ride soon. I heard from Kenny Wallace that this weekend he will be racing for a team, don't know which one, but he will have to qualify!

  7. Met Richard Childree In Las Vegas for the 1st Race there, also met the great Dale, SR. Childress was an ASS, Dale was the sweetest thing, acted as if he had known us all his life!! Joked all the way up to our floor, which BTW was the same floor he was on, The Rio. It's a DUMP now!! Told him I wish he would introduce me to Jr. he said come on, I will. WHAT A HANDSOME MAN HE IS!!! SEXY AND FUNNY TOO!!! Since then, we have kept in touch & gotten together at all the NASCAR Races I go to. He's a great man, who BTW has a Birthday coming up!