Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boys, Have at It!

Gordon going after Burton (photo credit: Jessica)
Let me start off by saying today's race at Texas was probably one of the most entertaining this season!  Before I say anything about all of the excitement, I would like to congratulate Trevor Bayne on his impressive Cup debut,  which he qualified 28th, but had to go to the rear of the field due to a transmission change, yet, finished 17th and on the lead lap! 

Now, for the craziness, I'm going to try to sum this up as quickly as possible!  On lap 159, Kyle Busch spins out, avoiding the wall.  Caution came out and Kyle pitted.  Kyle pulled out of his pit stall an drove down Pit Road, speeding slightly.  NASCAR issued him to be parked for one lap, but while Kyle was parked, he showed the official how he felt by giving him the finger.  NASCAR didn't appreciate that too much and parked Kyle for another two laps.  The penalties may not be over for Kyle.  (We'll keep you posted on that.)  

Next topic, the fist fight!  Jeff Burton got a little loose and got hooked to the back bumper of Jeff Gordon.  They both hit the wall and their cars suffered severe damage.  When both of the Jeff's got out of their cars, Gordon showed his distaste for Burton and walked over to him and started yelling at and pushing him.  The officials broke up the fight and led the Jeff's to the ambulance. They made them share the ambulance, not the best idea.  When they were both released from the Infield Care Center, Burton took full responsibility for the accident and apologized, Gordon wasn't willing to accept the apology.  Kasey : "Jeff Gordon and Jeff Burton are fighting on the backstretch." Kole: "Did you get to watch it?" Kasey: "Yeah a little, then it was to far, i wanted to park my car and watch it but I couldn't." Kole: "I would have."  Everyone thought the fight was interesting.  I guess we're going to have to wait until next week and see if it carries on.

Probably one of the most controversial topics from the race, the 24 pit crew replaced the 48 pit crew after Gordon crashed.  This was a call by Hendrick Motorsports after the 48 team had a few bad bit stops.  You could tell that the 48 team was dejected.  I don't think it was fair that they didn't have the opportunity to prove themselves for the rest of the race.  The 48 team had to pack up the 24 pit stall while the 24 was pitting for them.  This caused the 48 front right tire changer to leave the race.  The pit crew for Jimmie next week is still undecided.

In all seriousness now, Greg Biffle led the most laps today.  He was the dominant car for the first half of the race.  With 28 laps to go, Denny took the lead from Mark Martin.  Denny soared passed the Start/Finish Line, taking the win and the Top Spot in the Championship.  With two races left, Denny has a 33 point cushion over Jimmie in second and a 59 point cushion over the third place Harvick.  

Hopefully, the next two races will be as exciting as the one today!


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