Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Fans Take on the Daytona Weekend: Nationwide Race

Second Installment:  The Nationwide race, a race NASCAR fans were divided in their opinions.  People were happy about Clint Bowyer winning the pole, but some had a sour taste for the racing, then again, there were a few who were actually surprised at how the race turned out, they expected it to be just the “buddy system” of the two-car drafting, but when it wasn’t, and had some pack racing, they were happy.  Others weren’t so happy; they felt that the drivers should be able to get around the track by themselves, not to have to depend on their “buddy” to push them around the track and felt it led to too many cautions.   People were happy, however, with the finish.  The last lap was an exciting one, a battle between Clint Bowyer and Tony Stewart, who was driving the Number 4 for KHI.  The margin of victory? 0.007 seconds, which was awarded to Tony Stewart.  

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