Monday, February 21, 2011

The Fans Take on the Daytona Weekend: Truck Race

I decided to mix this blog up a little bit, instead of it being a recap of the Daytona weekend, I decided to let the fans rule this blog.

First installment of the Daytona weekend, the Camping World Truck Series race, a very emotional race at the least, Austin Dillon won his eighth career pole and people started to wonder if he would bring the number 3 to Victory Lane that night… especially since it was the tenth anniversary of Dale Sr’s death.  Out of all three races this past weekend, this was a definite fan favorite.  The fans really enjoyed the bumping, shoving, the fact that there was no two-car drafting and for the ones who don’t like restrictor plate racing, this was the race to watch.  Even rookies to the Truck Series loved it and found it to be the most interesting race.   When Austin was involved in a Lap 94 wreck, his chances at the Daytona victory were over, which was ironic because he was in the third position when he wrecked, the same position Dale Sr. was in when he crashed in the Daytona 500.  The most emotional part of the race was when Michael Waltrip won, it being the tenth anniversary Michael's first Daytona 500 win and of Dale's death.  Victory Lane was an emotional place when Michael got out of the truck crying, which people found heartwarming. 

Stay tuned for the fans views on the Nationwide and Cup races!


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  1. Nice to see Michael Waltrip win something at Daytona, sadly he didnt do to well in the Cup or Nationwide events