Monday, March 28, 2011

Boring Race, Exciting Finish

"Boring Race, Exciting Finish" is the answer many people gave when asked to describe yesterday's Sprint Cup Race at Fontana.  When Kyle Busch dominated, everyone assumed we were going to be seeing Kyle Busch sweep the weekend at Fontana, giving him his sixth career weekend sweep.  That was, until Jimmie Johnson came into play in the last ten laps.  Kyle undoubtedly had one of the best cars out there yesterday, but when Jimmie showed up, the fans cheered (much to a lot of people's surprise).  Kyle scraped the wall and Jimmie took the lead with four laps to go.  At this point, third place, Kevin Harvick, came into play.  He soared past Kyle, working his way up to Jimmie Johnson’s rear bumper.  With a slight nudge, he was able to get Jimmie out of the way and lead less than half of the last lap.  The top clich√© of the day was “You only need to lead one lap…the last one!”  This stood very true for yesterday’s race.  What do you, the fans think?  Here are some of your opinions…

Ryan – “Epic! The race in its entirety could have been much better.”

Teri – “I was on my feet screaming. Enough said.”

Ashley – “Without those last three laps, the race would have been a disaster.  Fontana is not an exciting race typically, but those three final laps made it quite entertaining.”

Nicole – “It was the best part of the race!! The rest was a snooze fest!”

Jerry – “Today we got a look at what racing was meant to be.  A beautifully executed “bump and run” that set up one of the most exciting finishes this season.”

Samantha – “That was awesome! It had my mom up out of her seat.  Very exciting racing at the end.”

John – “I really liked seeing those types of moves to win races.  Harvick used the old fashion “I’ll push you far enough until you give.” All in all a great day for NASCAR!”

Fraser – “Great finish! Wish there was more of it throughout the race.”

Laura – “Unreal! Amazing to see how bad drivers really want to win it.  Fantastic showdown.”

As for my opinion, I agree with all of these opinions.  I have to admit, I was out of my seat, screaming at the television for Harvick to win.  It was nice to see some excitement at the end of the race, rather than a boring finish, where the winner wins by three seconds! 

Thank you to all who submitted their comments on the end of the race, three lap battle!

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