Sunday, March 27, 2011

Camden Murphy

  • Tell us about yourself. How did you get started racing?
    •  I am a 14 year old freshmen racer out of Itasca, IL and I started racing 5 years ago. It all started when we were interested in racing and wanted to get into it but didn’t know what to start with. We looked into Karts, but my dad just didn’t quite like them. So we went to the World of Wheels Car show in Chicago and saw the Super/Minicup cars and thought they were great. We got more info and eventually bought a car and I have been racing ever since. So far in my 5 years of racing I have captured 4 championships (2 in Super/Minicups and 2 in Legend Cars). When I started racing the trucks, my first year I had captured the Rookie of the Year. In 2010 in the ASA Midwest Tour I had taken a 5th with 2 DNF’s and I had also received the Sportsmanship Award. In the United States Super Trucks in 2010 I had gotten 2nd in the National points.
  • What series do you race in now?
    • I race in the ASA Midwest Truck Tour and the United States Super Trucks. Whenever I can, I go and race my Super/Minicup car with Central States Racing, or run my Legend car for Hansen Motorsports Inc. wherever I can.
  • What do you enjoy most about racing? 
    • I enjoy the adrenaline rush that you get every time you go around the corner. There is nothing else like it.
  • What is the hardest part of racing for you? 
    • The hardest part of racing for me would have to be racing against race teams and against many veterans while being a father/son team.  As a father/son team it is difficult to do the things we need to do on race day.
  • Would you like race in Truck/Nationwide/Cup one day? 
    • Truthfully, I would love to be in any of them if I get the chance, but if I really had to choose I would like to run in the Truck series.
  • What do you like to do during the off season? 
    • The thing I do in the off season to keep me occupied other than getting the truck ready for the next season, is go out to Melrose Park Grand Prix in Melrose Park, IL and run some laps there and I also race online.
  • Do you have any plans/goals for 2011 season? If so, what are they? 
    • I have many goals for the 2011 season. One of them would be to shoot for the 2011 Championship in the ASA Midwest Truck tour, and shoot for the Championship in the United States Super Trucks. I had a great season last year so I am confident of these goals.
  • Favorite/ least favorite tracks on the circuit? 
    • One of my all-time favorite tracks of all time would have to be being able to run on the Nashville Super Speedway or North Wilkesboro. It was an honor to be able to run on those tracks and I don’t really have a least favorite, they are all great!
  • Best racing memory? 
    • My best racing memory would have to be being only 7 points out of the championship in 2007 in the Super/Minicup and being able to sweep the weekend to take the championship.

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  1. He is always a pleasure to race with and always has a great attitude toward every situation. Good Luck this year!

  2. great story hon i enjoyed it

  3. Camden Murphy is a "class act". He has a world of talent well beyond his years at just 15. Keep an eye on this guy...he's the real deal!

  4. Keep up the good work kid. Your time will come!!!