Saturday, July 2, 2011

Funny Dan the Race Car Man

Cover of the book

Do you know a child that isn’t into NASCAR, but you wish they were?  Well then you’ve come to the right place.  Funny Dan the Race Car Man, by Tim Packman, is a great book for the new (and old) NASCAR fan. 

In this book, follow Funny Dan and his crew as they prepare for the Super Fast 500, the first and one of the most important races of the year.  The team might not have a lot of money, but their senses of humor and aspiration to have fun motivate their team to do the best they can - even if it means they don't win.   

In the back of Funny Dan the Race Car Man, there’s a glossary with ten commonly used NASCAR terms, from loose to gas man, which are sure to help an up-and-coming NASCAR fan.  In addition to the glossary, there’s a guide of key tips on how to work in the sport.

This is a book that any age will enjoy.  I, a sixteen-year-old, thoroughly enjoyed it, and laughed in the process of reading it.  I can also say that my four and six-year-old cousins enjoyed it as well.  

                       Jillian (Four) – “Funny Dan was really funny!”
                       Cassandra (Six) – “I really liked this book! Dan tried really 
                                                       hard to do a good job in the race.”

Ron Hornaday, a four-time NASCAR Truck Series champion, and his wife, Lindy, also liked this book. When asked about it, they said, “We read through this and kept laughing at Funny Dan and his crew.  What a great story for children to read and for them to see how just being a part of something they love makes them a winner in life.  We couldn’t wait to get to the end to see if Funny Dan finally wins!  Our grandchildren are going to love this book.”

Funny Dan gives this book a thumbs up --and so
does The NASCAR Corner!
Funny Dan the Race Car Man teaches the valuable lessons of perseverance and how good it feels to accomplish the things you love, while having fun doing it. 

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Special thanks to Tim Packman for allowing me the chance to review his book!

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