Sunday, July 10, 2011

Voting for Most Popular Driver 2011

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Everyone has a favorite driver – it’s a natural thing.  Whether you were a fan of a family member and just followed the name to modern-day NASCAR, are a fan of a sponsor i.e. Budweiser, Miller Light, Target, Bass Pro Shops, etc., or just a fan because of the driver’s personality, you’re still a fan.  What better way to show your support of a driver than to vote for them as Most Popular Driver 2011?  Currently, the Camping World Truck Series and Nationwide Series polls are open; the only difference from last year?  This year, only that series’ regulars are eligible, but they also have to have been in half – or more – of the races. 

To cast your vote for your favorite Nationwide driver, click here.

To cast your vote for your favorite Camping World Truck Series driver, click here.

You’re allowed to vote for one driver per day.  If you want your favorite to win, be sure to vote daily!

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