Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Daytona International Speedway At-the-Track Survival Guide

You know who you are.  You're the one who has been counting the days until Daytona since the checkered flag waved at Homestead on November 20, 2011, and Tony Stewart was crowned the 2011 Sprint Cup Series Champion. 

I came up with the idea before the end of last season to provide NASCAR fans with a "Race Guide" which includes things to do while at the race, purchasing tickets, maps of the track, where to find food outside the track, what hotels to stay at, etc.

If for some reason you go to Daytona and haven’t purchased your tickets yet, you can go to Daytona's website (click here) to find any tickets that are still available.  Also, if you are looking to buy pit passes check their website for the prices and for what you can and cannot wear.

A hotel is one of the vital parts of making your Daytona experience a pleasurable one.  Depending how far away you would like to stay from the track will dictate how much the hotel will cost.  To find a list of hotels with their websites that offer discounts if you book a room by a certain date, click here

I got a little taste of spending the race weekend in an RV at Homestead for the 2011 Camping World Truck Series race when it decided that it wanted to rain the whole day before the race at night – and trust me, it was pretty cool!  If you’re going to Daytona and decide that you want to go all-out, renting an RV (if in your budget) is an awesome way to go.  All the information you’ll need:  pricing, what you can and cannot have, and everything else can be found by clicking here

While at the track, if you want to keep up-to-date with everything and all of the autograph signings, meet-and-greets, and driver appearances, follow Daytona on Twitter @DISupdates, on Facebook Daytona International Speedway, and by checking their website  If you would like a complete list of driver appearances, click here.

You’re probably wondering what you can and can’t bring into the track since all the tracks are different.  Here’s a complete list:

         CAN:                                                                          CANNOT:
Soft-side bag/cooler (14 x 14 x 14)                            Firearms and fireworks
Backpack (17 inches in length)                                 Hard-side bag/cooler
Binoculars                                                              Thermos/ice packs/insulated cups
Scanners                                                               Strollers
Headsets                                                               Glass containers
Cameras (not in a bag)                                            Umbrellas
Seat cushions                                                        Scooters/Skateboards
Flags (not attached to poles)                                   Pets (except service animals)

If it’s your first time at Daytona, chances are you don’t know your way around too well.  By just clicking the links listed, you will be taken to the Daytona International Speedway official map page that way you’ll be sure to know where you’re going!
You can only eat track food so much before you’re sick of it – maybe a day at tops.  The following are restaurants that near the Speedway that offer a various array of food:
Hopefully, if you're going to Daytona and have never been there before, this article helps you figure out all the details that you weren't sure of; whether it was the pit pass dress code, restaurants nearby, or what you can and cannot bring into the track.  I hope you all have a great time!  If you take any pictures while there, feel free to e-mail them to and I'll post them on the blog - with, of course, giving you credit.  


  1. This is really cool. Definitely a good idea!

  2. About the same rules as Fontana Autoclub speedway has but the best part is you can bring your own food stay as far as Downtown L.A and take the Metrolink, to the speedway.


  3. Make sure that you get there for the truck race. Stop by the #6 hauler and mention that you were sent by this site...they will have something for you.

  4. Nice....well done